Executive Board



Caitlin Kwalwasser


head teacher

Christie Xin

Christie is a fourth-year student studying Economics and Elementary Education in the College of Arts and Sciences. She discovered her love for debate and her love for teaching in high school, and is so thrilled to be part of an organization that does both in Charlottesville!


publicity & marketinG chair

Noah Strike

Noah is an second-year student from Vienna, VA in the College of Arts and Sciences. He plans on majoring in Political and Social Thought. Noah has been participating in various debate programs since his first year of high school, and currently serves on the Executive Boards of the International Relations Organization and Planned Parenthood Generation Action. He is dedicated to expanding debate programs across Charlottesville.


Social Cohesion Chair

Simar Kohli

Simar is a third year from South Riding, VA studying economics and statistics. He competed in Lincoln Douglas Debate in high school and has been been teaching for two years. In his free time he likes snowboarding, watching sports, and listening to music.


tournament chair

Alexandra Hartman

Alexandra is a second-year student from New York, NY in the College of Arts and Sciences. She plans on majoring in Global Studies and Foreign Affairs. She loved participating in Model Congress in high school, and even organized conferences for it. She is very excited to bring the debate and tournament-running skills she learned in high school to our students in CDL! When not working with CDL, Alexandra likes to run, listen to podcasts, and explore the many unique and diverse places Charlottesville has to offer. 


Finance Chair

Bradley Katcher

Bradley is a graduate student from Cleveland, OH. He is a Master of Public Policy Candidate within the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy. He received a B.A. in Economics from UVA in May of 2018. He has been a member of CDL since 2016. In addition to CDL, Bradley is involved with economics research, serves as the Executive Director of FCG Consulting, and is a representative on the Batten Graduate Council. Outside of school, he enjoys cooking, exploring Charlottesville, and watching UVA sports.


ADMINistrative Chair

Ellen Yates

Ellen is a third-year student from Charlottesville, VA studying Politics and Religious Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences. Having been a CDL student in high school, she joined as a UVA student to continue her engagement with the Charlottesville community and to pass on the important skills of public speaking, research , and critical thinking.


outreach & retention chair

Katie Tripp

Katie is a fourth-year student from Falls Church, Virginia studying English and Foreign Affairs in the College of Arts and Sciences. She has been teaching with CDL for 2 years and is so thrilled to combine her love for teaching and debate in this organization!



Mazzen Shalaby

Mazzen is a fourth-year from Fredericksburg, VA in the College of Arts and Sciences. He is majoring in Political Philosophy, Public Policy, and Law and minoring in Economics. He enjoys watching and playing sports (especially football), spending time with friends, and doing community service. Mazzen enjoyed participating in Public Forum debate with a friend in high school, and has enjoyed being a teacher with CDL since his first semester on Grounds.


tournament chair

Amelia Peck

Amelia is a second-year student. She plans on double majoring in Philosophy and Biology. Amelia joined CDL because of her passion for increasing debate accessibility in middle and high schools in the Charlottesville area. She is also on the American Parliamentary Debate Team at UVA andis involved in computational research at the Center for Public Health Genomics. While CDL has been one of her favorite experiences on Grounds to date, she also loves reading, exploring the Bodo's menu, and volunteering. 


Finance Chair

Garrett Hicks

Garrett Hicks is a second-year in the College of Arts and Sciences. He plans on majoring in Public Policy and Politics. He participated in public forum debate programs in high school. Garrett feels that the Charlottesville Debate League provides a great opportunity for young students to improve their public speaking skills and engage in civil discourse, and is passionate about expanding debating opportunities to more students in the Charlottesville area.