diversity & inclusion statement

The Charlottesville Debate League is dedicated to creating and maintaining a safe and explorative environment for our students. As such, we encourage students to question the world around them, and to ask challenging questions about our changing and diverse communities. We are committed to fostering a challenging environment for our students both inside the classroom and at our tournaments.

We prepare our students for thoughtful and inclusive debate through creating a welcoming and caring culture in our classrooms, celebrating and reflecting on our differences, and dismantling socioeconomic barriers for our students.

Our members act as ambassadors for the promotion of diversity and its vital role in preparing our students for their futures, align our strategic organizational goals to provide financial resources and support accessibility, and continuously reflect on our impact in creating inclusive and intellectual debate opportunities in Central Virginia.

We are proud to say we operate as a non-profit organization, do not charge any participation fees for our programs and tournaments, and provide lesson plans that do not require the use of technology.

accessibility policy

The Charlottesville Debate League will make all possible accommodations for students with physical or intellectual disabilities. CDL and its teachers will work closely with students, sponsors, parents, and other relevant personnel to ensure all students are able to fully participate in debate programs.

anti-bullying policy

The Charlottesville Debate League maintains a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination and/or bullying from any student, teacher, sponsor, or parent. CDL defines bullying as “any unwanted aggressive behavior(s) by any individual, which involves an observed or perceived power imbalance and is repeated or likely to be repeated. In an effort to create a safe environment for our students, CDL teachers each take the Bullying Prevention Training Module provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

If discrimination or bullying is reported to any CDL member, the member will immediately inform the sponsor, student’s parents, and the Head Teacher.

If a student is found to be engaging in discrimination or bullying, they will:

(1) Have their behavior reported to the relevant groups, including, but not limited to, the sponsor of the program, the Executive Board, or parents/guardians.

(2) Be asked to leave the classroom and not participate in debate programs until a resolution is reached between the offended party, the student accused of bullying, parents, sponsors, and CDL.

Technology policy

The Charlottesville Debate League does not require any student to have a personal or home computer. Depending on school or program policy, and at the discretion of the teachers and sponsor, students may be allowed to use technology in the classroom or when doing research.

However, students are not allowed to use technology during tournaments, and must come prepared with a printed copy of their work. The Charlottesville Debate League will make accommodations for students with physical or intellectual disabilities, including allowing these students to use computers during debate rounds, with the device’s wifi off or placed in airplane mode. No research may be conducting during a debate round.

CDL does not provide software or hardware (including chargers) at its tournaments.